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About Us

The Sounds of Grace is a non-profit organization, 501(c)(3), with a mission to provide live music in healthcare and hospice facilities and in special needs classrooms.  


We began this mission in 2012 with the intention of organizing several musicians to share within these locations.  Over time, we discovered that we were led to simply providing harp music in these locations which is mostly provided by the director of TSOG and harpist, Kipper Ackerman.  


At certain times of the year, we have placed multiple musicians throughout local hospitals and hospice locations, but most of the day to day efforts are fulfilled by Ackerman and her harps.  


It is our desire to have more volunteer musicians who are interested in providing bedside music for patients.  As God continues to grow this ministry, we look forward to glorifying Him by the sharing of music that delivers His healing mercy and grace.  

Contact Us by calling at 803-720-1204 or emailing

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